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Coffee Machine 4 Lane Multi Water Inlet Coffee and Tea Vending Machine | Bubble Top, Water Pump and RO Direct Water Input | Four Beverage Options | For Offices, Shops and Smart Homes | Make 4 Varieties of Coffee Tea with Premix

Coffee Machine 4 Lane Multi Water Inlet Coffee and Tea Vending Machine | Bubble Top, Water Pump and RO Direct Water Input | Four Beverage Options | For Offices, Shops and Smart Homes | Make 4 Varieties of Coffee Tea with Premix

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Are you tired of being restricted to a single water source for your vending machine?  This cutting-edge vending solution offers a trifecta of water input options, catering to your specific needs.


  1. Bubble-Top Water Input: For those who prefer the convenience of bottled water, our machine seamlessly accepts bubble-top water containers. Simply load it up, and you're ready to enjoy your favorite brews.

  2. Water Pump Model: Are you looking for a more hands-free solution? The water pump model effortlessly draws water from any container or source, ensuring you never run dry during your coffee or tea break.

  3. RO Direct Water Inlet: If you're a connoisseur of purified water, the RO Direct Water Inlet is your best friend. This option connects directly to your reverse osmosis system, delivering the purest water for your brews.

Machine Suitable For

    Small, medium and large offices




    Commercial places like Bakeries, Hotels and Restaurants.

    Robust Door and mechanism for long life


    Consistency in taste. From first cup to last cup.


    Digital Meter inside will track the consumption of cups


    Make Your Coffee/Tea instantly.



    Chose from Wide range of beverage options


    Dispenses 4 Cups per minute


    Machine Dimensions

    • Length : 13 Inches
    • Width : 14 Inches
    • Height : 26 Inches
    • Weight : 15 Kg


    Low Power Consumption

    Machine consumes 1.5 to 2 units for 12 hours.

    Long Details

    Imagine 24 hours working Robot at your disposal to serve you excellent tasting Coffee and Tea without any flaw.
    Our Cafe Desire Coffee & Tea Vending Machine will do exactly the same. Once You get this Automatic Coffee Tea Machine, you will Forget all the problems of Making great tasting hot beverages. You don’t need Milk, Sugar, Coffee/Tea Powder, just load Cafe Desire Instant Premixes to make a great tasting Coffee and Tea. Delight and surprise your guests/customers/staff by offering them wide variety of Hot Beverages like CAPPUCCINO, LATTE, KADAK MASALA CHAI, GINGER TEA, CARDAMOM TEA, BLACK LEMON TEA, MASALA GREEN TEA, TOMATO SOUP, HOT CHOCOLATE and BADAM MILK, WITHOUT SUGAR COFFEE and WITHOUT SUGAR TEA. You can have any of the four beverages at the same time with this 4 Lane Machine on just press of a button with consistent taste all the time. Tea and Coffee consumption is part our daily routine, you need every Morning and Evening. Having known this fact, why not invest in a Robust Machine rather than compromising on Cost. After all, this Smart Coffee Machine is going to be with you for next 5 years. If you end up buying any other Coffee machine just because it is Cheap, that might work only for 6 Months. Please note it has been proved time and again that, Quality Product will prove Cheaper as it runs for long time. Also, if you buy quality product You will not be running around Non-Professionals to get Your service done. Be Smart and Wise, read our Reviews, watch our Video Reviews, take a decision EITHER You are buying Peace of Mind OR You are investing in cheap product which comes with unpleasant experience. Rest Assured, Cafe Desire is having a heritage of 20 years with Global Presence serving small, medium and large clients in 25 different countries.


    This Tea Coffee Vending Machine dispenses your cuppa on just press of button. You don’t need Milk, Sugar, Coffee/Tea Powder. All you need is Cafe Desire Instant Coffee/Tea Premix, a 3-in-1 product consisting Sugar, Milk powder and Coffee / Tea Powder. Just cut premix packet and load the powder inside the Vending Machine and press the button, your Coffee or Tea will be dispensed instantly. Avoid pilferage and wastage. Digital meter provided inside the vending machine will keep track of every cup dispensed.


    This is a Hybrid model of Vending Machine which can make 4 types of hot beverages at the same time. There are 4 canisters inside the Machine. You need to fill the PREMIX powder inside these canisters. You can fill 4 varieties of PREMIX powders by choosing any 4 premixes from the Cafe Desire range available. These Premix powders comes in standard size of 1 kg pack and you can fill 1kg premix powder in each canister. 1Kg of Premix will yield 80 cups. These 80 cups can be consumed according to your requirement. You need not consume all in a day. Your premix powder will be safe and hygienic inside the canister kept in the Vending Machine.


    If you are buying this Automatic Coffee Tea maker for your shop, you can build and cash-in from repeated sales, as your customers will come back to your Shop/Bakery/Restaurant, again and again, to ask for the same cup of Coffee and Tea. One of the interesting facts is, we have a customer who sells Coffee / Tea / Tomato Soup from this vending machine in his Shop in a rural village. He built-up great loyal customers, who come that extra mile to his remote location just to sip their favourite Tomato Soup being dispensed from Cafe Desire Vending Machine. That reminds us, we do have a large range of award-winning hot beverages like- Cappuccino, Kadak Chai, Ginger Tea, Masala Chai, Hot Chocolate, Regular Coffee, Without Sugar Coffee, Without Sugar Tea Premixes. Now allow us to bust the Myth. Our Coffee and Tea will taste just as home-made while we commit this, we need to prove ourselves, just ensure you are buying premixes of only Cafe Desire to get 100% satisfaction. Be smart, don’t fall for small discounts or short cuts, invest in peace mind, be practical and read reviews, you may check our customer video reviews when you keep scrolling our old reviews. If you are convinced, take action and order for your vending machine today. Your staff and customers will thank you for providing lip smacking Coffee and Tea.


     If you are making Coffee and Tea manually, it is proved worldwide, there is pilferage & wastage about 15% in every pantry, it is really tough to keep track of loose milk, stove, gas, office boy timings and moreover, it is difficult to keep an account of Purchases of Coffee/Tea powder, Sugar, Milk etc., with Cafe Desire Tea Coffee maker you can avoid all these problems. Cafe Desire Coffee Maker is having digital meter reading inside the machine by which you can track the consumption and co-relate with your Premix Powder purchase. 1 Kg of Coffee Premix or Tea Premix will give 80 cups of 100 ml or 100 cups of 80 ml. You can do the setting according to your choice. If you are buying this Coffee Machine for your shop or restaurant you will have lot of peace of mind and full control on account of your sales and consumption. Even if you are not in the shop and if your worker is managing the show, just note down the meter reading while going out and check for the total cups sold once you come back. You will get count of every cup sold in your absence. In case, if you are going on holiday, you can lock the machine with on / off Button provided inside the machine.


    Buy with peace of mind, we will ensure you will be happy and satisfied with Cafe Desire vending machine. After you receive the machine just call us once on the phone number provided on the packing box of the Vending Machine. And we will do the rest. It will take not more than 5 to 10 minutes to install this user-friendly Machine. We have built up our Reputation and great positive reviews by winning Customer Trust and Confidence. We highly recommend you read our product reviews and take the decision. You might find our price is little higher in comparison but we are sure you will agree good and guaranteed things does not come cheap. At the same time, we are just 5 to 10 % higher in pricing because of the quality of components we used to manufacture this Machine. For example, Whipper Motors inside the Vending Machine are there to mix the proportion of Coffee / Tea Powder with water. If one decides to use cheap motors, then your taste of Coffee / Tea will not be good. This is just one example of many other qualitative measures we took and for the same reason we built our Brand and Business globally spread across 21 countries. Last but not the least - taste of pudding is in eating - ORDER NOW 



    No Sugar / Milk / Tea or Coffee Powder Required
    Get Tea / Coffee on just press of a button
    Track the consumption
    Dispenses 4 Cups per minute
    Hot Water Option
    Service Support


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    Premium Range

    Café Desire’s premium premixes are ready to use and all the ingredients that go in for making of these products are carefully picked and blended with quality as our top priority. All that needs to be added is hot water!

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    Our Karak blend is made for the people who like their Tea to be little stronger

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    LATTE  Range of products are for the people who do not want any added sugar in their Tea or Coffee

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