Vending Machine - Relax with a touch -

Vending Machine - Relax with a touch

Why does every office or a business need a vending machine?

Having a vending machine in your office or your work area can really act as a morale boost and can work wonders on your employees. A vending machine in the break room is where all the employees gather to blow some steam off by conversing with their fellow workmates. A vending machine can do a lot to an office environment and especially ‘Cafe Desire Vending Machines’ with a little touch of innovation to make your brewing much easier. First, let’s see how a vending machine contributes to the positivity in a work space.


A coffee/tea made by a human varies in taste & consistency from cup to cup. Imagine waiting for a strong cup of coffee to relax and you get it watery & it isn’t kadak enough for you. This can leave you unmotivated. Unlike this, a vending machine would never make such a mistake and dispenses your favourite beverage the way you like it. It can be a blessing when you get what you wait for. A vending machine consistently dispenses the same cup daily without any flaws.


Sitting in the same spot for hours together can really stress both body and mind. Not feeling to work or decreased interest in work are common in this scenario. A vending machine in the break room, ready to dispense your favorite beverage can be relaxing both on your body and your mind. A small walk & a hot cup can prevent your employees from burning out and get focused to get back on track!


What is more convenient than getting your favorite beverage with a simple touch. It’s not time consuming, dispenses coffee/tea faster than you can drink it. Basically, anybody can use a vending machine  irrespective of who it is. Imagine, needing the least energy to make coffee/tea within seconds. The thought itself will want you to catch a relaxing break.


A vending machine can dispense a variety of different flavors with a touch of the button. Not all of your employees prefer coffee as their cup! And, a vending machine can solve it as ‘Cafe Desire Vending Machine’ can dispense upto four beverages of your choices. Drink your favorite beverage without having to change the canisters every time.


A vending machine is value for money as it is affordable and has low maintenance. A vending machine doesn’t require additional staff like in traditional tea/coffee making. There is no clean up later and there is no spillage as well. Comfortable and inexpensive when compared to its alternatives. You don’t need to have a separate area like you need for a pantry. A small space in the corner would suffice.


Cafe Desire Premix cuts back the manual work of putting milk, sugar and powder in their designated areas in a vending machine. Cafe Desire Premix is a mixture of premium milk powder, sugar and coffee/tea powder of your desired flavor. You just have to fill the canister with ‘Cafe Desire Premix‘ and put a water can on the top of the machine. Press the button and sip your coffee/tea with most minimal effort.

To conclude this, we know that coffee/tea is a staple at any work space. And ‘Cafe Desire Vending Machines’ is the easiest and effortless way to dispense beverages. In the end, it will show your appreciation and “I care” attitude, it will boost your team’s productivity, efficiency and overall sense of satisfaction.

Besides, let’s be honest, it’s a relatively inexpensive perk that will have a great return on investment.

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