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Why Should Employers Provide Tea and Coffee?

Tea and coffee are a staple of office life. They have been around for centuries, but they have also become a symbol of modern business culture. Not only do they provide a sense of comfort and familiarity to employees, but they also help create a feeling of community between employees as well as between managers and non-managers in the office. Coffee breaks also encourage camaraderie between co-workers. By making time for conversations, you're building trust between team members and allowing them to get to know each other better. This means that when it comes time for work again, they'll be able to work together with ease instead of fighting over who gets control of which keyboard or mouse!

Work Stress


Coffee breaks yield ROI indirectly by providing employees a chance to relax, socialize with their colleagues, or simply enjoy something that isn't work-related. Tea and coffee breaks are good for the health of your employees and good for business. Coffee breaks promote a relaxed atmosphere in the workplace, which is important to employees' overall well-being. And it's not just the caffeine that gives them a lift—sitting down and relaxing can help reduce stress levels, help people focus on tasks, and even reduce anxiety. This usually gives them a chance to recharge their batteries and come back ready to tackle another task with renewed energy. 

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While offering tea or coffee may seem like an easy way to show your employees you care about them. Offering tea or coffee will increase employee productivity. Studies have shown that taking short breaks every hour can improve concentration levels by up to 45%, which means more effective work from everyone involved! Ergo, employees perform better after taking short breaks. They are less likely to leave a company that encourages employees to take breaks and provide a fun and caring atmosphere to work in. 

Office Cafe Desire Beverages

These days, employers have many different options when it comes time for their team members to get caffeinated—from traditional hot cocoa mixes or mocha lattes through to various tea blends. 

Get Cafe Style Hot Beverages like a Frothy Cappuccino, Coffee Latte, Strong Espresso, Yummy Hot Chocolate, Karak Masala Tea, Aromatic Ginger Tea, Cardamom Tea and many more on just a press of a button. You can just go for Cafe Desire Coffee Tea Vending Machine.

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