Black tea - A wholesome cup of heal-tea! -

Black tea - A wholesome cup of heal-tea!

Health Benefits Tea Drinking!

Drinking tea/chai has become more of a culture than a habit. Incorporating tea into your daily life has a multitude of health benefits that are often not talked about. ‘Black tea’ & ‘Green Tea’ come under types of tea which are inclined towards health. Let’s explore more about black tea and how it can have a positive impact on our health.

Black Tea
The difference between black tea and other tea is that the black tea is more oxidized when compared to the rest. Adding black tea to your diet or drinking it on a regular basis has major health benefits:-


Black tea contains more caffeine than other tea which aids you in giving you the energy boost and also contains stimulants that can increase your heart rate . These work together to keep you awake, alert and ready to take on the day. Whether going to a gym or preparing to work on something, black tea can help you in reaching your goals for the day. 



If you regularly drink black tea, you might notice that it makes you feel better. There is a substance called polyphenols in black tea that fights the bacteria that cause bad breath or smell in your mouth. Some studies have shown that black tea can reduce the growth of this bacteria by 30%.



Perhaps the most beneficial fact about black tea is its cancer fighting effects. The polyphenols in the black tea play an important role in prevention of cancer by stopping the formation of potential cancer cells in the body. This is true to a few types of cancer such as lung cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and bladder cancer especially in people who use tobacco products. 


As humans age, the strength of the bones declines gradually. It’s proven that people who drink black tea on a regular basis have significantly increased bone density. It also lowers the risk of fractures that are common in some areas such as hip fractures for elderly people. 



A healthy gut can shield you from various diseases & disorders. Drinking helps in improving the count of good gut microbes which are responsible for a better digestive health. Drinking black tea can also aid treating stomach ulcers and other digestive related difficulties. 



The caffeine in black tea stimulates your nervous system and aids the release of dopamine serotonin, the two mood enhancers. It also contains a certain amino acid which is clinically known to reduce stress, anxiety. Black tea can also produce a relaxed mood but alert and provides a better short-term memory.

With this, we can conclude that ‘Black Tea’ has multiple health benefits if we include them in our diet. Small habits like these will play a major role in our lives.

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